Harkenwold Hackers

T3 Raiding Party

After defeating the chieftain, the party attempts to leave the cavern, healing themselves before heading out the cave mouth.

  • At the cave mouth, they hear a guttural growl from another bullywug approaching the cavern
  • Adran and Zethos sneak to the mouth of the cave and see a small bullywug raiding party headed back.
  • Adran figures out the that bullywug champion is trying to hail his companions and Zethos fakes a return growl.
  • Satisfied, the bullywug champion crawls back into the cavern and the party attacks!
  • Under the cover of darkness spells, Zethos and Mikal take out the champion.
  • Adran takes out many of the bullywug leapers with arrows and Leshana blasts the bullywug with cold.
  • The bullywug champion croaks and fall down the river into the falls.
  • The leapers turn and run, the giant frogs continue the attack, swallowing Adran and Zethos, but they escape and Leshana blasts the frogs with cold to release the others.
  • After defeating the raiding group, the party goes outside and rescues the halfing boy.
  • They bring him back to his family who’s very grateful.
  • They also talk to the druid who suggests they go to Adran to help establish the rebellion and also talk to the Woodsinger elves to get their help against the Iron Circle.
  • Experience: 150 XP (rescue halfing and return to family)
  • Experience: 750 XP (defeat raiding party)
  • Treasure: 15gp, 60 sp, emerald 100 gp



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