Harkenwold Hackers

T2 Dragonskull Cavern

  • In the next cavern, a giant Dragon’s skull dominates the cavern.
  • Adran peers into the skull and sees a Bullywug chieftan watching them.
  • The Chieftain does a loud, long croak and Bullywug leapers and gray oozes attack!
  • The Chieftain does breathes fire, but Mikal dodges it.
  • Leshanna does a flame pillar which misses the Chieftan, but Adran pushes him into it.
  • Zethos fires arrows and takes out many of the leapers.
  • Mikal and Zethos finish up the leapers and Adran and Leshanna take on the oozes.
  • The oozes prove to be very tough, melting bones with each attack.
  • The oozes get pushed into a pit and are finished.
  • The party rests and search the room, inside the skull they find gold, a giant sapphire, Amulet of Healing and Staff of Winter.
  • They head out to go to Tor’s Hold, tired, but happy to have cleared our Toadwallow Cavern.
  • As they head to exit though, they see a Bullywugg raiding party returning to the cave, with a halfling captive and a huge brute of a leader!
  • Experience: 740 XP
  • Treasure: Potion of healing, sapphire worth 100gp, amulet of health +1, 170gp, staff of winter +1,
    Bullywug raiding partyBullywug raiding party



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