Harkenwold Hackers

T1 Entry Caven, Toadwallow Caverns

  • The party visits the Druid Grove and meets Reithann the Druid, she and her apprentices live in a cottage in the grove.
  • Reithann is also an enemy of the Iron Circle and wants to free Harkenwold, she kindly helps fill our the rest of the map of Harkenwold and show the party the Tor’s Hold and Toadwallow Caverns.
  • She says that Tor’s Hold is a town of 140 folks all in the Tor family, they want to help fight the Iron Circle, but they are being harassed by crazy humanoid frogs from Toadwallow. If the party can help free Tor’s Hold from the shadow of the Toadwallow, the people of Tor’s Hold will help fight the Iron Circle.
  • The part travels to Tor’s Hold and talk to the Bran Torsson the Mayor of Tor’s Hold he tells the party they will be very grateful if they can free them from the Frog attacks.
  • The party goes to Toadwallow Cavern, climb a waterfall (Mikal falls from the falls)
  • The party fight mutant frogs and stirges (giant mosquitoes)
  • Leshanna is held by a stirge and almost falls, but Adran uses another stirge as a club and frees her.
  • After defeating the frogs and stirges, Adran finds a note warning to beware of the dragon skull in the next cave. Mikal looks at the note and heads deeper into the cavern.
  • Experience 700XP
    Bullywugs   warren mahy



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