Harkenwold Hackers

E1 - Ilyana's Plight

  • Party arrives in Harkenwold and go by a homestead being attacked by brigands and wolves
  • Adran convinces the party to help the homesteader who’s under attack with her daughter
  • Party defeats the wolves, Mikal takes out two of the brigands by himself, Leshana hangs back and casts spells.
  • Adran pushes a wolf into the fountain where it flounders until he takes it out.
  • Ilyana, the homesteader and her daughter are very grateful and tell the party about the Iron Circle, a band of baddies terrorizing Harkenwold. They are based in Harken.
  • There is a rebel force forming to stop them, but it’s not ready to fight yet, they need help and leadership.
  • The party decides to help, Ilyana draws a rough map of Harkenwold and tells the party to visit the druid Reithen in the Druid Grove to find out how to help stop the Iron Circle.
  • Experience: 650 XP



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