Harkenwold Hackers

T3 Raiding Party

After defeating the chieftain, the party attempts to leave the cavern, healing themselves before heading out the cave mouth.

  • At the cave mouth, they hear a guttural growl from another bullywug approaching the cavern
  • Adran and Zethos sneak to the mouth of the cave and see a small bullywug raiding party headed back.
  • Adran figures out the that bullywug champion is trying to hail his companions and Zethos fakes a return growl.
  • Satisfied, the bullywug champion crawls back into the cavern and the party attacks!
  • Under the cover of darkness spells, Zethos and Mikal take out the champion.
  • Adran takes out many of the bullywug leapers with arrows and Leshana blasts the bullywug with cold.
  • The bullywug champion croaks and fall down the river into the falls.
  • The leapers turn and run, the giant frogs continue the attack, swallowing Adran and Zethos, but they escape and Leshana blasts the frogs with cold to release the others.
  • After defeating the raiding group, the party goes outside and rescues the halfing boy.
  • They bring him back to his family who’s very grateful.
  • They also talk to the druid who suggests they go to Adran to help establish the rebellion and also talk to the Woodsinger elves to get their help against the Iron Circle.
  • Experience: 150 XP (rescue halfing and return to family)
  • Experience: 750 XP (defeat raiding party)
  • Treasure: 15gp, 60 sp, emerald 100 gp
T2 Dragonskull Cavern
  • In the next cavern, a giant Dragon’s skull dominates the cavern.
  • Adran peers into the skull and sees a Bullywug chieftan watching them.
  • The Chieftain does a loud, long croak and Bullywug leapers and gray oozes attack!
  • The Chieftain does breathes fire, but Mikal dodges it.
  • Leshanna does a flame pillar which misses the Chieftan, but Adran pushes him into it.
  • Zethos fires arrows and takes out many of the leapers.
  • Mikal and Zethos finish up the leapers and Adran and Leshanna take on the oozes.
  • The oozes prove to be very tough, melting bones with each attack.
  • The oozes get pushed into a pit and are finished.
  • The party rests and search the room, inside the skull they find gold, a giant sapphire, Amulet of Healing and Staff of Winter.
  • They head out to go to Tor’s Hold, tired, but happy to have cleared our Toadwallow Cavern.
  • As they head to exit though, they see a Bullywugg raiding party returning to the cave, with a halfling captive and a huge brute of a leader!
  • Experience: 740 XP
  • Treasure: Potion of healing, sapphire worth 100gp, amulet of health +1, 170gp, staff of winter +1,
    Bullywug raiding partyBullywug raiding party
T1 Entry Caven, Toadwallow Caverns
  • The party visits the Druid Grove and meets Reithann the Druid, she and her apprentices live in a cottage in the grove.
  • Reithann is also an enemy of the Iron Circle and wants to free Harkenwold, she kindly helps fill our the rest of the map of Harkenwold and show the party the Tor’s Hold and Toadwallow Caverns.
  • She says that Tor’s Hold is a town of 140 folks all in the Tor family, they want to help fight the Iron Circle, but they are being harassed by crazy humanoid frogs from Toadwallow. If the party can help free Tor’s Hold from the shadow of the Toadwallow, the people of Tor’s Hold will help fight the Iron Circle.
  • The part travels to Tor’s Hold and talk to the Bran Torsson the Mayor of Tor’s Hold he tells the party they will be very grateful if they can free them from the Frog attacks.
  • The party goes to Toadwallow Cavern, climb a waterfall (Mikal falls from the falls)
  • The party fight mutant frogs and stirges (giant mosquitoes)
  • Leshanna is held by a stirge and almost falls, but Adran uses another stirge as a club and frees her.
  • After defeating the frogs and stirges, Adran finds a note warning to beware of the dragon skull in the next cave. Mikal looks at the note and heads deeper into the cavern.
  • Experience 700XP
    Bullywugs   warren mahy
E1 - Ilyana's Plight
  • Party arrives in Harkenwold and go by a homestead being attacked by brigands and wolves
  • Adran convinces the party to help the homesteader who’s under attack with her daughter
  • Party defeats the wolves, Mikal takes out two of the brigands by himself, Leshana hangs back and casts spells.
  • Adran pushes a wolf into the fountain where it flounders until he takes it out.
  • Ilyana, the homesteader and her daughter are very grateful and tell the party about the Iron Circle, a band of baddies terrorizing Harkenwold. They are based in Harken.
  • There is a rebel force forming to stop them, but it’s not ready to fight yet, they need help and leadership.
  • The party decides to help, Ilyana draws a rough map of Harkenwold and tells the party to visit the druid Reithen in the Druid Grove to find out how to help stop the Iron Circle.
  • Experience: 650 XP

The party arrives in Harkenwold to explore the area and find their fortunes. They take the King’s Road toward the main city of the area, Harken. The party knows little about the area, but they understand that there is trouble in the countryside and perhaps Harken itself.


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